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Journalism Experience

2017-18 Classwork
2017-2018 Academic Experience

2017-2018 Academic Experience


Last year, I wrote a blog focused around the idea of ego. I was first inspired by hearing about the stereotypes of millennials as one of the most egotistical generations, prompting more analysis into the topic of ego. This led to a fuller analysis of the concept of ego and the role it plays in modern American society.

Note: This blog is based off my own personal experiences and opinions.

  • Reported on gender inequality, writing an article and publishing a broadcast video


A multimedia project I reported on and produced (including an article, video and podcast) about gender discrimination in engineering and what colleges can do to help

Gender Discrimination Among Female Engineers

Podcast- Me Too Movement in Engineering
Evergreen Newspapers

INTERNSHIP: Evergreen Newspapers

Summer of 2018

During my internship, I reported articles across Colorado, published articles in three local newspapers and helped design newspaper pages.

Bike to Work Day

Columbine Courier

Canyon Courier: Freedom Run

Canyon Courier

Columbine Courier: Community Garden

Columbine Courier

Canyon Courier: Elevation Celebration

Canyon Courier

Clear Creek Courant: Robotics Team

Clear Creek Courant

Academic Year 2018-19

2018-2019 Academic Experience

  • Course: Reporting Two


During this course, I wrote articles on a range of topics every two weeks, teaching me how to write credible and descriptive stories on a tight deadline.

Death Doulas

Sunshine Laws and University Presidents

Low birthweight Babies in Colorado

Music Therapy

  • Course: Audio Production


During this course, I learned the fundamentals of audio production and how to create immersive, interesting stories using only sound. 

Podcast: Unfinished
Interview: Exposure Therapy
Practice: Promotional Spot


CMCI Now Magazine

Summer of 2019

During my internship, I reported and published articles about the accomplishments of CMCI students in the "Beyond the Classroom" section of the Fall 2019 edition of the magazine. 

2019-2020 Academic Year

2019-2020 Academic Experience

  • Course: Photojournalism


Throughout this course, I learned how to use modern camera equipment and the power of visual storytelling as a form of journalism.

Denver Market
Laser Smash Pancake Club
Laser Smash Pancake Club
Laser Smash Pancake Club
Laser Smash Pancake Club
Laser Smash Pancake Club
Laser Smash Pancake Club
Laser Smash Pancake Club
Portrait: Hannah Ledezma
Portrait: Hannah Ledezma
Portrait: Hannah Ledezma
Portrait: Andrew Patra
Portrait: Andrew Patra
Portrait: Ian Lee
Portrait: Ian Lee
Portrait: Andrew Yang
  • Course: Feature Writing


I spent the semester reporting on student political activism at CU Boulder, covering the experience of four student organizations: Buffs for Bernie, Buffs for Warren, Yang Gang and Students for Trump. By the end of my reporting, three of the four presidential candidates had dropped out. This story, however, is not about winning; it's about hope. 

Get out the vote

January 2020- May 2021

The Bold smaller logo.png

I am the editor-in-chief of The Bold Magazine and a student mentor for The Bold, a multimedia-driven student organization that launched during the fall of 2020. Myself and other student leaders have worked to develop recruitment strategies, conduct community dialogue sessions, organize and structure the organization and edit and report stories that are meaningful to the Boulder community.

I help mentor writers, while also managing, editing, formatting and reporting stories at one time for the magazine. Additionally, I help transfer the stories online into WordPress, bettering my skills in web design and development.


The Bold Magazine: 

Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud): @theboldcu


  • "Talking about race: How Boulder and CU libraries are collaborating to help community members engage in meaningful conversations and action" (Oct. 2020)

  • "Election night at the UMC: How New Era Colorado is getting involved" (Nov. 2020)

  • "Going remote: Graduation and first month of spring 2021 semester to be virtual" (Dec. 2020)

  • "Fumble forward: Why it's better to say something rather than nothing" (April 2021) 

I spent the fall semester working with the Denver Gazette team, experienced reporter Carol McKinley and two other student journalists reporting on the impact of the Central 70 project on the 80216 zip code, specifically the Elyria-Swansea, Globeville communities in Denver, CO.

This was an incredible experience in which I spoke with various community members and participants in the Central 70 project about their experiences, concerns and hopes. The article was published in January of 2021:

One of the most compelling aspects of this reporting process was meeting a woman named Yadira Sanchez, who ended up contracting COVID-19. Here is a link to the audio story documenting parts of her experience:

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