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Spanish for the Professions

I declared my second major, Spanish for the Professions, in fall of 2019 as a complement to my journalism major. I have loved bettering my Spanish writing and oral skills, as well as producing stories that are accessible to Spanish-speaking communities. 

My Communication Level
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My Communication Level

ACTFL Level: Advanced Low

Common European Framework Self-Evaluation: B2 level


Based on the Common European Framework Self-evaluation statements, I am at the B2 level in the Spanish language. This is a full level below my C2 level in English, my native language. I am at the B2 level because while I can usually understand the overall context and details whether it be through listening to, reading, speaking, or hearing stories, I struggle with completing things associated with the C1 level, such as using the language for jokes or keeping up with an animated conversation with natives. Overall, my skills are higher in reading and writing than they are in listening and speaking. According to the ACTFL "Can-do-statements," I overall am at an Advanced Low level in Spanish, a difference of four levels from my Distinguished level in English. This is because in Spanish, I am at an Advanced-Mid level for interpretive reading and presentational writing; at intermediate-high for interpersonal communication; and an advanced low for presentational speaking and interpretive listening. In this past year, my Spanish listening skills have improved greatly as have my speaking capabilities. 



As part of my Spanish for the Professions major, I have translated a variety of papers.

Translation: Chapter 9 Comics

Translation: Chapter 10.1 

Translation: Chapter 10.4 and 10.5 


Traducción: Las Empresas


Medical-related documents

Spanish Essays (Ensayos)

Spanish Essay

Essay: Introduction to SPAN 4070 course

Essay of Chapter 9.1 and 9.2

Essay: Import/Export Documents


Latin Trade 1


Latin Trade 2

Essay: Patients Rights Declarations

Essay: Women's Health

Multimedia Projects

Multimedia Projects:

Food Insecurity

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